PICU Registered Nurse

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assess and monitor patient’s condition to determine nursing diagnosis and needs for appropriate nursing care and other medical intervention
  • Collaborate with doctors and nurses to devise individualized care plans for patients
  • Perform direct patient care and routine procedures such as: measure blood pressure, administer injections, manage vents, a-lines etc.) and record on patients’ charts
  • Adjust and administer patient’s medication and provide treatments according to physician’s orders. Report adverse reactions to medications or treatments ƒ
  • Inspect the facilities and act to maintain excellent hygiene and safety (decontaminating equipment, sanitizing surfaces, preparing beds, etc.)
  • Provide age and culturally appropriate care to patient ƒ
  • initiate corrective action whenever the patient displays adverse symptomatology ƒ
  • Monitor cardiac and respiratory readings, such as EKG tracings, O2 stats, CVP/arterial line waveforms, if applicable, and reports any observed changes ƒ
  • Track urine output ƒ
  • Change dressings, insert catheters, start IVs (both central venous & arterial) ƒ
  • Administer infusion therapy, including: IV fluids, antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, electrolytes ƒ
  • Monitor and adjust specialized equipment used on patients, such as ventilators ƒ
  • Assists treating physician during examination, treatment and procedures, which can include life-saving situations ƒ
  • Analyze lab results ƒ
  • Assist with the insertion or discontinuation of CV catheters, arterial lines, external ventricular drains, epidural catheters and endotracheal tubes, Foleys ƒ
  • Provides education, information and emotional support to the patient’s family and caregivers ƒ
  • Maintain patient, physician, and staff confidentiality
  • Perform all other related nursing duties as needed


  • Valid RN License
  • 2 years PICU experience
  • IV Certified
  • Proven experience as a registered nurse
  • Knowledge of nursing care methods and procedures and emergency care
  • In-depth knowledge of health and safety guidelines and procedures (sanitation, decontamination, etc.) and willingness to follow them at all times
  • Patience with superb problem solving and multi-tasking skills

Three 12 hr. shifts/37 hours per week

The ideal candidate will be an accountable and well-trained professional, able to give the best nursing care while demonstrating critical thinking skills. Coordinating care to assure the best patient outcomes, the RN will be able to follow health and safety guidelines faithfully and consistently.

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